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Ladybug's Quilts

Open Sew with Karen Eichler

Need help with something specific or just want to sew with other quilters for inspiration and motivation? Bring your project in and join Karen on these fun, casual Sundays!

Blooming Yo-Yo Pillow with Pam Fonse

Super cute, whimsy pillow made with yo-yo's and fun decorative stitches from your sewing machine.

Beginning Starch Turn Applique Session 1

Ready to learn how to create all those beautiful appliqued quilts you admire but were afraid to do?? You can do it!! In this class you pick your own pattern and Lisa will teach you the basics of starch turn applique from starting to stitching. Thursday, March 5th 10:30-3:30 $40.00

Mar 8
Sarah's Story with Pam Kuntz
Mar 12
Beginning Starch Turn Applique Tips and Tricks Session 2
Mar 13
Embroidery Club with Dolores Carlson

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